Common things people do to their skin that they need stop now!

My skin has never really been problematic but it has had its really bad days in the past. Days when I’d go on Google, search for solutions and then try the weirdest things on it to make it better. I have grown and learnt so much since then from trial and error, research and advice from actual skin care experts. My skin is still not ‘perfect’ but it is definitely healthier and much more stable lmao. So I decided to compile five of the most common things people do to their skin that they should stop right now!

Common things people do to their skin that they need stop now!
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Sleeping without taking out your make up

Common things people do to their skin that they need stop now!

First off, you need to understand that make-up traps dirt, smoke, germs and other pollutants in the environment. Now imagine going out, gathering all of that and then allowing it to sleep on your face for an entire night. It’s not rocket science; your skin will react! That been said, never ever try this at home. Take out your make up properly and gently with your regular cleanser, preferably a make-up cleanser.


Using excessive products

Common things people do to their skin that they need stop now!

Skincare has become a sort of trend and it can be very tempting to jump on every single product recommended by your faves in the beauty industry. Every single day, new products are being formulated and released. These products probably work and give actual results but using all at the same time may be counter-productive. It’s fine to try out stuff to see what works for you, but try as much as you can not to do too much except when recommended by a specialist. These things are actual chemicals and may cause your skin to be more sensitive and more prone to reactions.


Excessive physical exfoliation

Common things people do to their skin that they need stop now!

Cleansing is super important to get rid of dirt and stuff but please don’t over do it! Constantly using face scrubs, brushes and sponges on your skin will only lead to dry, tired looking and possibly injured skin. This is because you’re constantly exfoliating your skin and slowly damaging its outer layer. Personally, I think the best thing to use for your face is your palms but if you must use anything, go for a soft face towel. 

Don’t get me wrong though. Exfoliation is actually a great way to get rid of worn-out skin cells, preferably chemical exfoliation. There are good number of chemical exfoliants out there and if you’re like me who likes mild products, then mandelic acid should be perfect.


Popping pimples

Common things people do to their skin that they need stop now!

I know, I know. It is super difficult to keep your hands off that pimple but sis you are not doing your skin any good. Popping it will only spread bacteria to other parts of your face. This bacteria (plus the extra germs on your hands) can cause more breakouts which could have been avoided.


DIYs without research

Common things people do to their skin that they need stop now!

Yes, DIYs are super fun and yes, it’s true that some things in your kitchen may be beneficial to your skin. But please if you have not done proper research don’t bring those things close to your face. Emphasis on proper. I remember the day I actually used fresh lemon on my face. I honestly can’t remember where I had seen the ‘recommendation’ but that thing literally burnt my skin! Please run away from all ’em ‘toothpaste for acne’ type of advice or those weird DIY face scrubs and masks with coffee and vinegar and baking soda and turmeric and eggs and everything else in the kitchen pleassseee.

Also, be very careful with the kind of ‘organic’ skincare products you use. If you ever choose to go for organic products, go for trusted brands and be sure to check the ingredients. I know a whole lot of them don’t come with a proper label. That already is a red flag, you should actually run!


I hope this post has been helpful and I hope you are already rethinking all those bad skincare habits. Feel free to add to the list in the comments!


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  1. I have missed your work girl! That popping pimples caught me because I know it’s wrong but it’s a bad habit😂 Thanks for the reminder!

  2. You are gradually becoming a beauty specialist, and that’s really a great one. I found the content educative.. Thanks

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