Setting up a mini picnic for myself on a budget!

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For someone like me who always talks about self-care and how important it is , I haven’t been practicing it at all for a while now. School work and other stuff in between have been choking me, literally and this has made me neglect some other equally important aspects of my life. 

I’m all about living my best and feeling my best so I decided to take a well deserved break from everything to just relax. This wasn’t supposed to be a blog post initially but I later figured that this is something worth sharing and that it could actually encourage someone else out there to just REST. So I decided to set up a mini picnic for myself featuring some of my favourite things to eat on a budget!

Setting up a mini picnic for myself on a budget!
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Table of Contents

How it started

It started with me shopping for some of the things I needed from a nearby supermarket. I was very intentional about what I purchased and made sure to get only stuff I actually needed so I didn’t have to spend too much. 

Shopping for mini picnic on a budget

Setting up

This was my favourite part, hands down! I love love aesthetics and I’ve always wanted to do a cute flat lay. Notice the subtle colour coordination? How did I do? 

My mini picnic on a budget
This looks small in the picture but it’s actually a lot. I really couldn’t finish it all 😂

I also got a good book to read while enjoying the cool breeze (yes this was an outdoor thing). It had been a while since I read anything outside of school work.

Book to be read at the mini picnic
Make Today Count!

This felt really good and it didn’t hurt my pocket at all. If this is your cup of tea or you’ve been searching for self date ideas, you should try it too!
Also, I’d definitely love try another solo date type of thing but maybe at a proper restaurant or a resort. Is that something you’d like to see?

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  1. I love the platform and user friendly interface 🧡

  2. I love that your blog feels so peaceful. I like the simplicity in the picnic and I’m definitely going to do something nice like this for myself. 😊

  3. Thank you Chidera!

  4. Thank you Queen ❤️

  5. Always putting in an educative content. Nice one dear

  6. Sarah Orede Oghogho.

    yes, yes! i’d like to see the solo date & wow, because i love & take good pictures, i’m filled with so much joy when i see people who know how to take good pictures. yes, you did well with these photos, wowza!

  7. thank you girly! ❤️

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