Reflections on 2023 and Flourishing in 2024

“Life is a rollercoaster, and sometimes we enjoy the ride, while other times we hold on tight through the twists and turns”

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I started off 2023 beautifully with the best energy, and for a while everything went on smoothly and according to plan. But as the year unfolded, particularly after the first half of the year, it felt like the smooth ride took a sharp turn into a road full of potholes. On many days, my energy hit rock bottom and it became a struggle to show up even for myself.

In the early days of 2023, I had decided that it was going to be my year of consistency — consistency in every single thing I set to do during the course of the year. Did that work out? Not quite. In fact, by my standards, I believe I failed at it.

However, today, despite everything, I chose not to fixate on my problems to the point of being blind to my blessings.

In retrospect, I think the more befitting word for the year 2023 would be resilience. While I wasn’t able to create content consistently throughout the year, I managed to post on my Instagram account for 30 days straight, even during the challenging times. Midway through the year, my laptop got damaged, but I adapted, continuing with my job on my phone, despite how difficult it was. I received so many rejections while applying for a spot for my medical school electives but I didn’t stop until I secured one in my preferred city and specialty. I revived personal projects I had abandoned because of fear, achieved some of my blog goals, improved my eating habits and tried to embraced a more fulfilling lifestyle.

“despite everything, I chose not to fixate on my problems to the point of being blind to my blessings”

The New Year

2024 like every other year will come with good days and tough times. To be joyful in every season, I know I cannot depend on any person or thing that is subject to change.

This year;

• I acknowledge that God is the ultimate source of my joy and I stay committed to a life of obedience and service to Him.

• I will actively invest in my own happiness by doing all of my favourite things with my favourite people.

• I will no longer let people hide me behind the scenes. I am poised to achieve greatness and ready to embrace every accolade, taking all the flowers I deserve.

Amanda Dukor - Year 2024
Happy New Year!
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  1. Thank you Goodness 😊✨

  2. Yes. Rooting for you 🫶🏾✨

  3. Happy New Year Tola ❤️
    Thank you 🥹

  4. Wishing you all the best this year, Amanda! I love your 3 ‘goals’. 2023 was also tough on me, but I am so hopeful and looking only to God and I know it will be a great year. ❤️

  5. Thank you so much for reading 🥹
    It’s going to be a great year for you! ❤️

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